Monday, December 27, 2010

A great day in Bequia: Friendship Rose

Bequia---As I ponder what to do with my future, I decided that I needed to shake myself out of the funk of indecision and take a break. So today I signed up for an excursion on a wonderful ship called the Friendship Rose. This big wooden schooner was built by hand right here in Friendship bay where I chased my laundry down at.

The trip was to go to the Tobago Cays and snorkel.  There were only about 80 people aboard and from the moment we stepped aboard we were wined and dined first class.  For three hours we sailed in a big swell towards our destination.

Then God had a sense of humor. Entering the bay to anchor, we passed the ship Squander who I last saw in Morocco and was my first choice to crew on...but 3 emails have gone unanswered. From Africa to sliding right past her 2000 miles later. What are the chances?

And then the second ha ha (ironically speaking), once anchored among the thousands of options in these islands, who is anchored ahead of the boat? Juno. My home for the past 9 months that I just left.

Juno is the middle boat. It can be a very small world!


So, I was suppose to be observing sea turtles but I swan over to Juno to say hello. They were as surprised as I had been. I was a little embarrassed because these mass excursions are what we make fun of when you are a yachty...but  please note: they did NOT make us wear the bright orange life jackets to be ferried back and forth! fact, there were no waivers and they didn't even take a head count when we left! Ah yes, we are in the Caribbean. Don't worry, be happy and all that.

But, it was good to see everyone. My heart wanted to climb aboard and stay, my head said stay in the water, say hello and swim away which I did.

The same captain has owned this boat since it was built in 1967. Originally there were no ferries to the island and it was this boat that brought animals, lumber, food and people to Bequia.

We snorkeled the reef and I got to see my first puffer fish in the wild. It was huge.   The food on board was amazing and everything was served with glass and china. Breakfast and Lunch. I met some amazing people on board, really interesting. And that is one of my most favorite things, to hear other people's life stories. I probably told my story too much and need to remember no one wants to hear about problems until they are solved. They love to hear about successes and conflicts overcome.  I plan for those stories will happen to me soon!  We returned close to 5pm and I felt like I had seen and experienced some of this beautiful area.

I have until Jan. 2 to decide on another boat. Today I ship boxes of my excess things home reducing my bags to 3 manageable bags. Continuing my goal to "move my life forward a little everyday."

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