Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 13: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---The captain was back to being obsessed with the water generater. I cleaned out one of the kids bunks to look under it for a possible spare generator. No luck. However, he continued to work with it and it turned out to be the brushes inside the generator itself. Now it is working again.

It's a really hot day. The Captain's turn to make the bread. Even though it's not a competition, it feels like it...each day testing how the bread turned out.  I made tomatoe, basil and mozzarella cheese over angel hair pasta for lunch. Another day at sea...

Video Diary Day 13: "Hi, this is Edee and this is day 13 of our transatlantic crossing across to Barbados which is 580 miles away. And you know, nothing really prepares you to be at sea for a long amount of time in this fashion. It's like being on a bus that you can't get off of with four other people and you don't realize that no phone calls, no internet, no communicating with your friends, it's a little hard. But we've had better waves and the Trade winds are definately in our favor now.  Finally. We had some roughness which is going to prolong our trip by 4 or 5 days."

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