Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Don't Worry, Be Happy...

 Bequia (Beck-way) Island, Windward Islands in the Caribbean---He looked up at me with his deep black face shiny from sweat, it was 90 degrees in the shade. His big smile showed bright white teeth in contrast. It was 10am in the tropics and between the pot I smelled and the rum I saw, he had a lot to smile about. And there I stood, looking for cardboard boxes to ship things home and trying not to tear up again.   And then he said it, "Ay mon, why you look so sad? Don't worry, be happy!"

Yes, I am in the Caribbean.

So, as a gesture to try to get in the spirit, I wrote this to be sung to the tune of "Don't worry, Be Happy," by Bob Marley...

Here's a little song I stole,
you might want to sing it big and bold,
I worry,  and fake happy

My Studio Rental

Two days ago I left the boat because of trouble,
so now I worry, pour me a double
Less worry, kinda happy

I found a place to lay my head
mosquitos swarm but the 5 inch spider's dead,
No west nile virus, be happy

The landlord says that I can stay,
if US dollars is what I pay,
I worry (small laugh), but a little happy,

The boat, it leaves with my Laundry still there,
Oh taxi man chase them, I'm in dispair.
Please hurry, while being happy

My view

It's Christmas day and that's my story,
So shouldn't I damm well worry?
but he says, don't worry, be happy

I find a new boat, to take to me where?
I wont know until I'm there...
so don't worry, be happy!


Ruth said...

One thing for sure - this will be your most memorable Christmas! Your song made me laugh.

Alejandro said...

Wait! Edee, does this mean you got marooned somewhere?! What the hell?