Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 11: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---My record at sea: 11 days. My crossing from the Azores to Gibraltar in 1994 was 10 days. And FINALLY a day with no rain but still the constant side to side heavy rocking. Mark made bread today, it was a first for him and he did a good job. I repacked and reorganized my suitcases and slept more than usual. The rocking is getting on everyone's nerves, but NO RAIN.  The sky is cloudy and we have 15-20 knot winds...except it is blowing us to Brazil! The Captain changed around the sails and got us closer to course. Night watch was heavy seas and I sat behind the helm to correct when the sail luffed. At 11pm I had half of a Red Bull and then couldn't sleep after my watch. It is still very dark out at night.

Video Diary Day 11:  "Hi, this is Edee on Sailing Yacht Juno. It is day 11 on our transatlantic crossing from Africa to Barbados. And we finally got through the squalls. We are a little tired of the constant swell and the rocking of the boat. But that's okay because we are making some good speed.  We took one of the sails down to have a better angle to the West. And as you can see, always enjoy a lovely sunset."

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