Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 12: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---We made course through the night and have 780 miles to go. The Captain thinks 7 more days for a total of 19. Yesterday he suggested I go to Bequia from Barbados and then leave. I asked to pay for a phone call on The Captain's satellite phone. The cost is $2 per minute so it feels like rushing every word. But it was so clear. Amazing to be in the middle of the ocean and speak to someone like they were next door. However,  I was embarrassed because everyone could hear my entire conversation since I had to stay in the cockpit for the call.  I asked her to do some of my banking and write a couple emails for me. It felt good to talk to her and I felt so much better after our conversation.

Video Diary Day 12: "Hi, this is Edee Dalke on Sailing Yacht Juno and it is day 12 of our transatlantic crossing. Today we caught our first fish and it was a dolphin mahi mahi. The captain cooked it with coconut milk and lime and it was sooooo good. And we are baking bread everyday and you can see above we make electricity with wind generator as well as a water desalinator so we could stay out here for..."

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