Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 15: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---I am missing "home"...wherever that is I'm not sure anymore. I miss friends. I miss diversity. Plus this boat smells. I have to keep busy. That is the key. I try to plan a little schedule everyday...something to make me feel a sense of progress or accomplishments.

We are now 400 miles away. Seems unreal that we have been at sea for half a month.

I do exercises at night during watch. I've made up a routine of stretching and using what is around. But I have to be really careful since the boat is rocking to be secure in a stretch. It has helped. Sitting for this long is nothing I am used to.

I attempted a pedicure yesterday and got so mad when I tried to paint my toes. You don't notice the boat rocking as much when you are just looking out or reading, but when you do detailed things like pour hot coffee or art drawings it is really annoying. Anyway, I ended up with red nail polish all over my toes, not just my nails. Even the nails were a mess. I told the kids that the closer we got, the happier my toes would be so I started out with black polish and now I've changed to red.

We changed our clocks for the second time yesterday (back), its like going through daylight savings time four times in one month!  It looks like we will be arriving in Barbados on the 16th. Everyone is talking "only X more days". But, this means Mark misses his flight by one day back to the UK. He's all freaked out about it because he has never had to change flights. I keep forgetting how young he is and so many things on this trip he is doing for the first time.   When I was his age my first flight alone was with my best college friend Lisa, we were so dumb. After a conference we were heading to Spring Break. We went to Washington National only to find out our flight was from Baltimore...who knew you needed to read your ticket! We missed our flight and spent the night in the airport lugging around a case of diet Coke because it was new to the market and we were afraid Ft. Lauderdale didn't have it yet.  Okay, so give Mark a break.

Night watch: Heavy wind at 20-39 gusts. Only 2 hours twice but it can seem so long. I am out of I-pod power, computer power, camera power and my little boom box ran out of C batteries long ago. ONLY 4 more watches to go. After my last watch I was so tired I didn't even make the coffee and sit with The Captain, I just went straight to bed.   I made bread and it turned out good, nice and round in the pan. Then I put it in the oven, we hit a wave, it slid across the oven shelf to the back of the oven and went "poof". Flat bread. 

We had tuna stir fry from yesterday's catch. So good!  I made chocolate chip cookies with no eggs (one child is allergic). They turned out great. I am keeping the dough in the fridge and making hot cookies each afternoon. Nothing like a hot chocolate chip cookie, especially at sea!

Video Dairy Day 15: "Hi it's Edee Dalke on Sailing Yacht Juno and it's day 15 on our transatlantic crossing  and it's hard to believe that we've been out here for a half a month. Umm, you can tell that it's getting a little bit...we're all getting a worn down. A couple of things that have happened is we caught an eight pound yellowfin tuna yesterday which was awesome, delicious, two meals. Other than that we eat a lot of rice and pasta. And then there was this gorgeous full rainbow. And the rainbows out here are amazing because they are so clear. On the flipside it rained all of last night during our watches and by looking at the clouds it looks like were in for another wet foul weather gear night. But we are 350 miles from Barbados. We're looking at maybe 3 more days."

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