Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 9: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---More squalls all day. I decided to make bread, and then a cake, and then lunch for everyone and then I ended up doing dishes for the entire day.  The cake batter started spilling over so I had to hold the swivel stove for 20 minutes until it set enough. Still, the cake looked like it had been rocked from side to side. I called it the tsunami cake but cut off the sides and frosted it with dark chocolate chips that melted on top. Making bread is interesting also, how can something rise when it's constantly being knocked around the oven. Did Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart think of a work around for this? By late evening I was exhausted and hot from the galley. We took a couple of waves but nothing serious. Still big waves and overcast. For night watch I got our my foul weather gear...thought I was done with it! It's so dark out with no moon and being overcast. The waves roar around you and the sails whip. You just keep looking forward.

Video Diary Day 9: "Hi, this is Edee Dalke on Sailing Yacht Juno it is day 9 of our transatlantic crossing from Africa to Barbados and today I tried to do some baking. This is bread that I made in 15 foot seas (script across screen reads "She's lying, they were 8-10 foot seas.") and this is chocolate cake that says '9 days' on it. It kind of had a tsunami happen. But we have this really great swivel stove and it makes are baking and cooking possible when we're at sea especially when we are in heavy waves. This is our coffee disaster. There is no Starbucks and it blew a gasket or whatever so we fixed it with tin foil. So I will see you tomorrow."

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