Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Barbados to Bequia (Beck-way)

Barbados---The Captain has asked if I would consider going on to Bequia. Even though his wife flies in to Barbados in a couple days, that is where they want to spend Christmas. It's an overnight passage, about 80 miles and I really don't think he should single hand it.

It was a rough morning. I packed up things to ship home and The Captain realized how much I have collected during 9 months.  But to my defense, I kept my things in my given area and thought that I would be on this boat when we got to America. I thought I would unpack from dock to car. Now I'm shipping home as much as I can, even things I packed for a year's stay just to lighten up.

I've never seen him so angry. He screamed obsenities at me all morning. He scratched his ankle lifting my heavy suitcase.  I fell at his feet with neosporin rubbing his wound, crying and saying I was sorry. I felt so terrible. He took me to the dock by dinghy and dropped me, surrounded by suitcases at a park bench alone. I sat there crying as he huffed away to do some grocery shopping.  I sat for a long time, just to gather myself. I cried openly as people passed and paid no attention to my distress. Barbados...this is your country. Cold hearted yet beautiful. Tramatized, I just needed to get all this shipped so I could leave the boat ASAP.

I have completely missed seeing anything in Barbados, only an internet cafe and now, today, after spending hours searching for a shipping company, I need the post office.

One cab. One driver. One crying passanger.  The kindness of a stranger changed it all. The cab driver took pity and personally walked into several offices until we were at the right spot. His careing eyes gave me hope, embarrassed by my behaviour, I thanked him and even so, he lingered like a worried father.   Barbados...I have changed my mind. You are warm and you are beautiful.

Now at the Post, I thought it would be an hour to process... but I kept getting told the wrong information there. First they say they ship freight but after all is packed and done, they change their mind. Then they say they take credit cards, but then they don't..the ATM is around the corner.

And it's out of order.

I run, RUN to a bank blocks away and get Barbados cash and return to pay a small fortune.

When all is said and done, I've been at the post office for four hours. I am about ready to tape shut the mouth of the kid that has been screaming non-stop for the last hour with my packing tape when I realize I need to just pay and leave.

Now, back on the boat, I have a long talk with The Captain. He is sorry and I feel as sorry as he does, maybe more because I'm a girl and it's all my fault...always. We have all been together for a long time...9 months in small quarters. Is it taking a toll? I feel so sad.

Then he informs me that his wife has said I am only bluffing. That I am not really going to leave the boat.  I laugh. That alone is not even worth my energy to re-buff. I don't bluff. They are crazy. I am leaving for my own sanity.

Still, I agree to go on to Bequia.

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