Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4: Transatlantic Passage

Atlantic Ocean---I got off my watch and made some Bisquik Biscuits. The box expired in February but they were okay...not great. We have run out of bread but hope to be making some in the future days. I found out my shortening of starboard (Star) is wrong boating language in fact, "no one in the world calls it that." I feel like I do nothing right. Delivery of the message holds 100% of the reaction. How many more days?

Played the bean game with Mark, the Brit who I decided to call Junior. He calls cookies biscuits and refuses to see it any differently. My "American" biscuits were well received by, wish he could taste a really good version.

Video Diary Day 4: "Hi, this is Edee Dalke on Sailing Yacht Juno. It is December 2, day 4 of our transatlantic passage. The Trade winds seem to have left us again. We had to run the motor for several  hours today and now we've got light winds still wanting to pull us North. But we're at 13 latitude and 30 longitude and we'll just continue to keep going. 1700 miles left to go."

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