Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 8: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---The Captain caught a fish! A dolphin/Mai. I sat along side the boat with gloves on ready to pounce thinking only of a knife and fork in my hands with a beautiful fish dinner in front of me...but just as it was alongside the boat it twisted and swam away. Silence.

I felt just like the time we chartered with The Captain and Larry and our grouper meal was on the grill ready to take off and as we attempted to slide it to the plate, the entire grill pivoted down from loose connections and our meal went splat, into the bay off Key Largo. Silence. Then cold ham sandwiches.

The Captain felt so bad but it was not his fault. I am beginning to relate to The Old Man and the Sea as we become more and more determined to catch our dinner. I made popcorn (the old fashioned way) in the afternoon hoping to cheer everyone up. I started the book Tales from the Alhambra by Washington Irving wishing very much I could have read this prior to my visit there in Spain.

In the afternoon it started to rain and all through the night were squalls making our night watches miserable but hey, it comes with the territory. In the morning we had the most incredible dolphin show I have yet to see. I got 10 minutes of video of them jumping and dashing back and forth in front of our bow. So cool.

Video Diary Day 8: "Hi this is Edee it is day 8 on Sailing Yacht Juno of our transatlantic passage from Africa to Barbados. We are all getting a little sick of these big swell rolls that we have been living with for a few days. The wind is just now starting to pick up. We are expecting some good wind for the next few days. Up until now we have only done 100 miles in the past 3 days which is really under what we expected to do which is kind of discouraging thinking that it might be more than a 2 week trip, well possibly 21 day trip. I can see where mutiny happens at sea! Trying to compare this with a marathon,  and umm it takes some character in the middle. But in a marathon you can walk off the course.   I think I'll stay on the boat."

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