Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 6: Transatlantic passage

Atlantic Ocean---Dec. 4 and it's a Saturday...not that we pay attention to what day it is. And days are not days but 24 hour periods since we are up at night.  Last night, during watch, The Captain noticed a rip in the 150 sail. This is our huge, light weight said that we count on to take us down wind. He immediately took it in and in the morning told me about it. So EVEN BEFORE MY COFFEE, we were all up taking off the 150 from the from gib position and bungee cording it to the life lines. From here I could sit and sew the rips. There were about 3 places that really needed attention. I just used the loop stitch and doubled it up and back. It will hold.  Then we also covered my sewing with Duct tape for added security. I'm wondering if the sails will be 50% Duct tape by the time we get to Barbados. But it worked and we are up and running.

We backed our watches by 1 hour. We cross 4 time zones and have decided to do this in stages so our body clocks can get used to it easier than a 4 hour jump when we get there.

I had some personal hard news. A call from the Satellite from gave information that I need to leave the boat earlier than I had planned. I'll have little time to look for options. Here I am in the middle of the ocean and can't do anything now, except worry...which I am very good at.   My friend was coming for new years and I am so very excited but I need to contact her and get the word to change the timing to Christmas.  God keeps trying to teach me patience and I am a terrible student at this lesson.

The Captain was obsessed with the water generator. He is the McGiever of the sea, fixing everything in amazing ways but in order to find the solution, he become absorbed in the problem until it is accomplished.

Finally I couldn't take the ruckus and took a nap, when I awoke it was fixed and giving up 4-6 amps and he is happy.
NOTE: a water generator is a shaft with a spinning prop at the end. This is attached by a long cord to the generator on board. This shaft is dropped in the water and trails the boat spinning and turning the generator giving us power from the sea. It is an amazing mechanism.

Video Diary Day 6:"Hi, this is Edee Dalke on Sailing Yacht Juno and it is December 4 and day six of our transatlantic passage. Last night the captain noticed a rip in the 150. So God's gift to mankind: Duct Tape! As you can see we have sewn, then duct taped over our sewing. So we are good to go. Just praying for the Trade winds."

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