Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leaving for South Africa: Gibraltar's Airport

Sail boats had to wait for a light to change in order to sail in front of the runway!
 Gibraltar, UK---I flew out of Gibraltar today, heading to London and then to Johannesburg, South Africa. The first adventure was just leaving this airport.

There is water on both side of the runway with the tarmac protruding up at the end

Gibraltar's airport separates Spain and the UK. It is a narrow strip of land that barely fits this runway. Through the middle is a busy road. Motorcycles, cars, trucks, bicycles and walkers cross the tarmac to get to and from Spain. Like a railroad track, there are crosswalk bars that come down when a plane is coming. We had waited for about 20 minutes the day before, so this was my day to make other people wait!

  The flight had a 6 hour layover in London and then the red-eye to Africa on a 12 hour flight.

A very long day.

Having cousins in foreign service there is great as they arranged for a company to be there early in the morning with my name on a poster to pick me up, saving me from a taxi ride.

Looking back at our Marina from the Plane

Everything went perfect and I was extremely lucky with a seat that had no seat in front of it, giving me full leg room. With some sleep on the 747 jet, I was so excited to be there,  but not enough to hit the road running. First, a full night's sleep.


Leaving Gibraltar

The Rock through my window seat

People waiting for the plane to land and pass so they can walk across.

Standing in the middle of the runway!

Flying into the sunset to South Africa

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