Sunday, September 26, 2010

Almeria, Spain

Almeria, Spain---(pronounced Al-maria) We have been here in a marina since Tuesday and it has been a great break. We are tied up long side to the very end of a dock and can get on and off at will. The marina bathroons have HOT water and my showers have been long and luxurious. We had our laundry done for the first time since Sicily IN JULY!!! ...I had hand washed my things several times but it's just not the same. Two months is an all time world record in my life as I would do laundry for only me at least once a week.

Redefining "what is clean, and what is dirty" has been a new experience.

This city is large, so I have walked for miles each day, looking at the sites and popping into shops to see the local ware. They have a beautiful castle fortress from the 4th Century called Alcazaba that I went to and even though it was raining that day, it was beautiful.

Today we go by Train to Granada, then leave for Gibraltar tomorrow, which is a about 1-1/2 day sail.  I leave for South Africa on Thursday around noon and can't decide if I should try to get to Cape Town, a 2 hour flight. Regardless, I have a lot of activity ahead.

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