Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There’s so much to see waiting in front of me

Almaria, Mainland Spain---“Yesterday’s over my shoulder, I can’t look back there too long. There’s so much to see waiting in front of me and I know that I just can’t go wrong.” Jimmy Buffett’s Changes in Latitudes.

For me, it’s changes in Laditudes literally and soon: on Sept. 30 I’m going to South Africa for 10 days!

In 150 miles, the boat will be safely at the trips cross-over point when we leave the Med and head for the next phase: the Transatlantic crossing to the Caribbean.

Soon, the family I’m sailing with will enjoy a visit from The Captains wife and some family time, as well as preparing the boat and fixing things that can only be done in Gibraltar, a town with huge boating resources.

So, for me, I am heading South…far South to Johannesburg where my cousins work for the American Embassy. So how do I describe this feeling…taking a vacation from my vacation? No, this has NOT been a vacation…it is a lifestyle; but so different than sitting behind my desk, going to see clients, selling advertising. A life I barely remember. So, regardless, it is a break that I think I need as well as the family I’ve been with for 6 months.

It struck me the other day that I have never spent 6 months around only 3 people, day in and day out. What makes it odder, is they are not my children or husband, so it is amazing for one, that we have not gotten on each others nerves more than we admittedly have. And for two, I've been handed more than I expected and didn't bail. All in all, the four of us get along well. With kids around, I’m still learning the patience thing…will it ever be mastered? And they are putting up with my silliness. (Remembering one of the kids say: “Miss Edee, you’re acting very childish” comes to mind). With The Captain, a friend for 25+ years, I have seen aspects that you would not be privileged to without living with them; an intense love for his kids and family and a constant anxiety about weather, boat mechanics, deadlines and our safety.

But, all that warm and fuzzy stuff, still leaves me feeling like I need a break. So I’m told it’s springtime in South Africa now and there’s so much to see waiting in front of me.

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