Thursday, September 16, 2010


Islands of Formentara and Espalmador, in the Balearics Islands off the coast of Spain---This oddly shaped strip of an island is something to be remembered. For many reasons. At the end of the island are rows of beaches that line the shore ending in a peninsular point. In this area the narrowness allows for beach goers to have two options at all times. If it is rough seas on one side a 45 second walk to the other would give a calmer option. This is also true for boats looking for protected anchorages. Both sides display clear gradations of the blue, blue sea. Water temperatures were around a constant 80 degrees. Perfect.

At the peninsula point, a short walk THROUGH THE WATER to the next Island of Espalmador, gives you additional options.

All shapes and sizes
And oh, did I mention nudism is casually a part of the traditions here.

Of course the Mediterranean and Europeans are a bit more casual about all around tanning than stateside, but this was about as nude as one can get without taking off their jewelry. Gulp.

Crossing to Espalmador

The mud pit
A special feature of Espalmador was the mud flats. Unlike the Sulfur pits I experienced in Vulcano, Italy, this was MUD. Greenish, black clay that once you hiked to the mud lake, climbed over the rope fence and slid into foot deep, warm charcoal colored water, there was only one thing to do. Laugh.

Like a water hole in the middle of Africa where animals gather, human strangers met and lathered up with clay so dense that once you covered the skin with it you could hardly determine if you had clothing on or not. Well, most parts. And the outcome was laughing. It crossed all barriers of language, we looked ridiculous and knew it. Once covered, a long walk along the path thru the brush and back to the beach allowed the mud to start drying and turn a “The Incredible Hulk” color green-gray.

Talk about a facial treatment.

Doing my hair was a mistake. It dehydrated all moisture and left me a wonderful broomstick blond. Nothing a deep conditioner can’t fix…and since Italy in April, I HAVE learned the difference in languages between buying conditioner and body lotion.

Field of Monuments
Crossing back to Espalmador

Shades of Blue
 Although, for this facial treatment plus…I also needed the body lotion.

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