Monday, September 6, 2010

Cave of the Dragon

Porto Cristo, Mallorca. Spain's Islands---Cuevas Del Drach (Cave of the Dragon) was a sight that I read about and was curious to see. The land here is covered in Limestone and these caves were truly spectacular. But what set this apart from any other cave experience, was the idea to put on a concert and light show. This show originated in 1931 and has remained unchanged since then. After we toured deep into the cave, a room opened with a built in Amphitheater. After everyone was seated an announcer came on the sound system and in Italian, Spanish, English, French and German gave an introduction.
The show began. First there was silence. And then faintly, softly, we could hear the classical music of a string quartet. Slowly we could see three boats appear whose sides were lit up with tiny lights reflecting in the crystal clear blue water of the lake that the cave encompassed. As they got closer, in the shadows, you could see the rise and fall of the violin player's bow. These musicians were live! They were floating in a boat that was being rowed past the audience. Two other lit boats with only rowers addedjoined to the splender. The lights rose and fell as the boats circled the cave's interior and at times, disappeared behind the stalagmites as the Music played on. Songs ended, new ones started. It was breathtaking.

 The final act was a simple light show they called "Sunrise". With lights above and below the water, they slowly made lights and shadows appear as it were dawn until sunrise. 

Note: No photos were allowed so these came from the museum book!

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