Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spain’s Party Town; Ibiza

Our anchorage in Ibiza
 Ibiza Town, Ibiza Island, Balearics. Spain---Foam partys, Discos, DJ’s and singer appearances. Night clubs whose hours are 9pm to 6am. Although Ibiza is rich with history and Old Town circled by walls built century’s ago is the back drop to this city, what screams out at you from every empty wall or window are posters of which night club is featuring what entertainment.

Although they would like to get away from this reputation with more to Ibiza than a party (according to their tourism info) business would tell you otherwise. This is a party town.

Alternative clubs, hippie clubs, gay clubs, and good ole rock and roll were beckoning from everywhere.

Ibiza monument to sailors

No, I didn’t get to check them out. We were only there one night and at anchor that was a shallow dinghy ride in the dark. If I knew then that they closed at 6am, I might have tried staying up all night. I was curious to see the foam parties: where foam is sprayed over the dancing crowd (and it is a crowd of hundreds in photos). Instead we got up early in the morning and talked into the city. I parted with the crew/family and wondered the area finding many treasures that wouldn’t fit on a boat. As for the party, I bought the CD pack of the past 4 years of Spain’s top DJ club mixes and will have to live vicariously through the music…or return to this Island with someone other than the family I’m traveling with!

Ibiza town with Old Town at top of hill

I took a ferry back to our area of town and met the crew at a beach restaurant for my first taste at Paella for lunch. It might be my last since it didn’t sit well with me and later I fed the fish.

Ibiza was one of the Islands I used to stare at on the Map of the Med. Wondering what this little island held. And now I know. They are holding a party.

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