Saturday, October 2, 2010

South Africa: First Impressions

Where I am staying: electric fence and more!

    1. Security. In my cousin's house, as in the entire neighborhood, electric fences surround the entire property. Then, there are "several levels" of additional security that I will not detail for safety reasons. Why? As beautiful as it is, it's a high crime area.

A house around the corner

 2. Afri-crap (as my cousin calls it)...but I love it. Many, oh so many things to look at and buy. A full Zebra hide is only $1200.  Bone, Ebony, beads, wood as far as the eye could see and at many corners throughout my travels.

3. The World Soccor Games. This place is still covered with promotions and evidence that is was here this summer.

 4. Jacaranda Trees. In bloom this week. My timing was perfect to see what happens for only a few weeks in their Spring. Amazing blocks of purple and purple rain falling as blossoms from the sky.

 5. Friendly people. 6 official languages. Amazing beauty. I have a feeling I have not seen it all yet...

Friendly residents of South Africa from Church

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