Thursday, September 9, 2010

opps, we're in Palma

Palmanova, Mallorca. Spain---A two hour hop to another one of Mallorca's beautiful Callas to anchor turned into a 12 hour passage to our next sight. This was decided by the wind, who appartently did not listen to the Spanish or French weather advisories. Once we saw the weather situation, The Captain knew no anchorage at this angle would be anything but rough,  we decided to go for Palma, our last city on the Island of Mallorca also their largest city.

The only problem is we were racing against the sun setting, and it is setting earlier every day. We reached our anchorage at the end of dusk and when the anchor was secure, it was dark out. Not my favorate thing.

Our anchorage is really a suburb of the city yet had a great beach and lots of restaurants and amenities close. Tomorrow we will go into the city to see the Cathedral. It feels good to be in a metropolitan area for a while after many tiny towns or no town at all. Not that I favor one over the other, it's just nice to have a change.

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