Monday, January 3, 2011

What are the chances?

St. Vincent Airport---I'm waiting for my plane to Trinidad and reviewing today's events. I have a "warm and fuzzy" feeling in my tummy since what happened.

I knew "they" were in the area and I felt sure we would miss each was hard to think some of my favorite people in the world were so close, yet so far. Then, in the distance I saw a dingy with six people. I watched closely from the waterfront restaurant where I had stopped to have lunch. I couldn't stand it, just in case it was them I ran to my waitress, explained I had to go, threw EC money at her and ran out.

My eyes scanned the faces along the walk way hurrying to the dock and the customs building where I figured they would go first. Then I saw the group I was following go into a building in the distance. I thought it was the book store, or the restaurant behind it. But no. So I stood in the road looking one way, then the other. Then I realized I was standing in front of the gift shop/Fed X shop that I'd been frequenting so I ran to the door way and looked. I couldn't believe my eyes. Hal and Jackie, Denise and Dennis, Michael and Nancy...six people from Daytona Beach! Three of my Rotary couples. We hugged, I cried happy tears. It is the first time in nine months I've seen people I know other than my past boat.  They are on vacation in the Caribbean for 2 weeks sailing from St. Lucia to Grenada.

We spent about 2 hours together and I felt like my soul had been replenished after some major dehydration. Thank you guys! I miss so many people and this was an incredible little reunion...I mean, what are the chances?

Members of Daytona Beach Rotary West, "the little club with a huge heart."

Denise and Dennis Lilly, an avid seaman and his beautiful wife

Dr. Michael Suah and wife Nancy, (She is the current DBW Rotary President). A couple you really want to drink rum with...or Red Stripe!

Jackie and Hal  Burroughs, mentors to me in how to start doing what you really want!

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