Sunday, January 23, 2011

Union Island: It's a small world over and over and over again.

Union Island, Grenadines, Windward Islands, Caribbean---After leaving Grenada we sailed to Union Island arriving there late afternoon. It has been a great sail. Fast, really fast. This boat points to the wind really well. After we anchored I stood at the bow of the boat taking in a 360 to the area and then my eyes stopped on a boat only 2 boats away. Juno.

My old boat was only a short distance away. I was surprised as I assumed they were further along but I wouldn't leave this anchorage if I wasn't in a hurry either. It is so beautiful.

I saw my old Captain on shore and introduced him to my new Captain. Feeling like I was in the past and the future at the same time, it was a strange meeting.

Later, I swam over to Juno to say hello to the boys. It was good to see them. And now on to Bequia! where this all started. Again mixing the past and the future.

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