Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impressions of Grenada

Grenada---I love this Island. It is really a beautiful place, full of local pride and friendly people. We had a free day from OceansWatch duties so I took an island tour. I visited a Rum Distillery that uses the same technology and equipment for the past 200 years: a water wheel and manual labor. A cocoa bean factory with the Grenada Chocolate Factory outlet next door (some of the BEST chocolate I have tasted in the WORLD!...sadly, they do not export.) I was given a papaya right off the tree that was the size of a US watermelon! We saw nutmeg growing on trees as well as breadfruit, cocoa pod trees and passion fruit.  Traveling all the way around the island stopping at a waterfall and a restaurant overlooking the sea for lunch.
 Here are some sights.

Women washing cloths in the river!

Grenada was the 3rd largest Banana importer to Europe before Hurricane Ivan. Now there is barely any plantations left.

Known as "Spice Island" Grenada grows many spices. Nutmeg is their main crop but Lindz chocolate in Switzerland gets all of it's cocoa beans from this little island!  This photo is a women selling spice necklaces representing nutmeg, cloves, bay leafs, and

The town of St. George's

Fresh Catch being sold right off the fish!

Two Cuban planes left behind when America stepped in. Castro wanted them back but we said no so here they have sat.

The Captain lived in Grenada for several years. The team had a night out with an old friend.

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