Friday, January 7, 2011

Volcanic Jewelry

Volcanoes, volcanic Islands, volcanic rock beaches and soft black powdery sand from ground up volcanic rocks through the ages. Many places we have visited in the past 9 months have had origins leading back to volcanic activity in its history.

For me, growing up in Kansas, volcanoes existed on the Flintstones cartoon show. They seemed as much a part of history as the dinosaurs.

But especially when we were in the Atlantic Islands, which all exist due to volcanic activity, everywhere I turned I was reminded that they are still alive and active.

One by-product of this is the jewelry that has developed by the locals from the different types and densities of the rock.

One of the best shops I have found so far was in Santa Cruz, La Palma, Canaries called Lava Christina. Her work shop was in her store and you could see the pieces she was working on. Sterling silver and gold were used along with other natural island stones like blue and red coral, pearls and shells. It was beautiful work.

I had seen a lot of other volcanic jewelry starting in Volcano, Sicily where tables were set up every day along the narrow roads and men sat behind the tables pitching their wares. This jewelry was a cruder form of necklaces and bracelets, still interesting to look at and I did get talked into a few for gifts as well as one that I kept. Many shops have carried different forms of volcanic jewelry as well as volcanic art in every place I’ve visited that had any type of volcanic terrain.

With the gift sponsorship of my friends who I consider “extended family”; a women I worked with for many years and her two daughters, I knew what they would most approve of: Jewelry! So for the gift from them, I selected a few things I loved from Lava Christina.

The photos show some of my choices as well as some I photographed in shops.

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