Friday, January 7, 2011

Back home: Turbo's Doggie Massages?!!

During the massage.
Trinidad---While I'm away, I have some incredible friends who are all stepping up to assist with my 15 year old, precious dog: Turbo. After arranging for a caretaker for the entire time I was gone did not work out, he was moved (with his pet cat: Q Convict) back to Daytona. Six friends have gone above and beyond to care for him, and like his entire life history, once you spend time with him, you fall in love. He is the sweetest 60 pounds of yellow fur you ever want to meet. He just wants to give love.

But a senior dog is a challenge.

We went through a stage of questioning "Is it time?"...but one by one, my friends told me no. He is still Turbo.

Then I heard that Sheri had donated a couple doggie massages. WHAT? That sounded like snake oil but I waited to hear. Then the skeptics came out and said they couldn't believe the change, that it really worked.

One "skeptic" wrote: "I was a bit of a skeptic, so I am quite impressed and a true believer now."

After treatment he moved better and was more mobile! Who'd a thought?

The women who has this service is and is a certified Therapeutic & Sports Canine Massage Therapist. She charges $30 for 30 minutes and it is customary to tip. She services the New Smyrna Beach/Daytona Beach, Florida Area.

Turbo with's HIS cat.
 I didn't know this existed!  But thanks to Sheri and Lorry, Turbo is getting the help he needs. Love comes back around.

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Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! So hysterical the look on Turbo's face! "AAAhhhhhhhh" LOL!!!!!