Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sing for your supper…or berth.

Clark’s Court Bay Marina, Grenada---We were given a choice, stay on the boat for 48 hours or pay for a marina. Our dinghy was badly in need of repair and it would take 48 hours to cure. We choose a marina so we could come and go and see some of the island, as well as do our OceansWatch work in St. George’s.

But one night as I was talking to the marina owner, pitching the idea of an extension to let us stay as a donation to a non-profit boat, a deal was offered. I would have to sing at the following night’s Thursday sing-along night and we could stay another night. Me sing? No. Double no. But as I shared this information with the crew, they were all for it! The only thing I could do was demand one for all and all for one. If they would join me, I would sing away. (That and the fact no one attending would know me or see me again.)

So the next night, The Brit, The Spaniard, and this American dedicated “You’ve got a Friend” to Bob our marina host. Towards the end, Bob joined us with his bellowing deep professional sounding voice to end the song in a James Brown sort of raspy refrain. It was hysterical and getting more hysterical every time we watch the full video that The Captain took of the entire thing.

And standing up in front of the small gathering of sailors, with Becky and Jake beside me and the OceansWatch boat safely tied to the dock far from Florida, the world around me seemed to whisper to me: You’ve got a friend

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