Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello Grenada Office of the Prime Minister...

St. George, Grenada---I sat talking to the Director of Ministry: Health and Environment of Grenada. Talking like I knew what I was doing. Do I? I was unannounced and not in a business suit. We had not planned on this visit but the opportunity came up and we took the chance. Becky from the team took Ministry of Education and I took Environment. He did want to talk so there I was talking about this pioneering assignment through the Caribbean to make contacts, spread awareness with cruisers and find out what the islands needs were.

Going through security was a bit confusing. There was a sign with what NOT TO WEAR. I failed it all. But our plans that day were to go to marina's and dive shops NOT the Prime Minister of Grenada's office!

So on the dress code poster: Shoulders must be covered. Nope, I was in a white sun dress.
No flipflops; yes but they had heels to them.
No bareback; well my dress was a summer dress and it didn't have much.

So security asked if we had wraps and Becky pulled out a long sleeve shirt. They then asked ME to put in around me, even though my new British friend was wearing a mini skirt and a strappy T. So I wrapped it around my shoulders but then they said no, wrap it around your waist please. Confused, I did and gained entry.

My meeting was successful and the contact was made and information exchanged.

Then I headed to some marina's alone. When crossing the street a Maxi Taxi (a van full of people) drove by and someone stuck their head out the window and yelled "NICE PANTIES."

Then I realized that my choice of lace boy shorts was showing through the back of my dress, not the front. I was horrified and all the snickering at the Ministries front security office then made sense as well as their insistence that I wrap a shirt around my waist. I'm still horrified although I'm sure some day it will be funny.

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