Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa---"Gale Force Warning!" the sign posted on the ticket office read. Well, I'm here. I have been dreaming of what this might look like for an awful long time. I must go up and see The Point. The famous lighthouse. The place where two oceans meet: the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. The place that has brought fear to many a sailor. Cape Point.

They were right and I was glad the wind I was feeling was not with me at the helm of a sailboat. At one point I was blown back until the wall stopped me. But ah, the view...

Looking back; Atlantic Ocean on the left and Indian Ocean on the right.
The Funicular was the way to go due to the wind and in the building, they had these great history posters.

I am still amazed that I made it to the Cape of Good Hope and even though there were so many things to do in Cape Town, I was completely satisfied with spending most of the day on the drive to and from this highlight. I would have liked to swim in the Indian Ocean but attempting that was even too crazy for me.

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