Monday, October 4, 2010


You can't go to Africa and not go to a game park for some good African animal sightings. So my cousins Jason and Mary suggested we drive to a location near Sun City called Pilanesberg Park, only a couple hours from their home as early as possible.

So by 5:30am we were on our way. I'm sure most people have the same reaction when they see these animals in the wild. But wow.

This was a self-driving park that warning signs directed you NOT to get out of your vehicle.
The SUV we drove had a sunroof so I was able to stand on the front seat and take pictures or just enjoy the view.

Blue Wildebeest.
 I learned that in South Africa they have the "Big Five." The Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Cape Buffulo and the Leopard.  But what about the Zebra and the Giraffe? I asked.  ...too common. Yawn, another Zebra.

We saw three out of five and a LOT of other animals.  My cousin Jason finds great humor in warthogs. After comparing them to remote control toy vehicles, with the way their tails stick straight up when they are anxious and running. After saying that, he was right and they are hysterical to watch. Ugly, but funny.
What do you think of my chops?

These Zebra have black and brown stripes
 Zebra rugs run about $1200 at the market. The women I spoke with assured me that it had made a good meal as well and that they do not kill just for the hide...

Okay, this guy seriously looks photo-shopped. But he crossed in front of the vehicle shortly after.

Bushbuck, I think...

Mountain side of Elephant

Hippo and Friends

Baby lions. Their Mom was behind the grass munching on a Zibra kill.


Baby Elephant

Wonderfully framed photo of Giraffe.


Animal with stripes that I can't remember the name of  but they put out a musk smell as protection from preditors. Men, take a lesson from that. Musk is really not a great cologne.

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