Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in the Canary Islands

Lanzarote, Canary Islands---What else could I be?  But I am on a boat that does not endorse the idea of costumes. The first thing the kids saw when they woke up was my hairy face. I was then greeted with "Miss Edee, you've gone mad."  I continued being as Pirate like as possible until we crashed into the dock (bad, bad wind with a boat that can not turn starboard and no bow thrusters).  I thought wearing the beard in front of all the people trying to help us tie up might not look serious enough.

The Captain said no one celebrates Halloween on boats, so when the 2 little kids in costume knocked on our boat, we all went flying around the boat to find candy. The Captain offered them zucchini but I found some Tin Foil covered chocolate US Dollar candy I had brought with me.  A few "I told you so"'s to the Captain later, I felt justified in my love for Halloween fun.
The Brit (crew) rolled his eyes when I suggested a costume for him and the kids wanted nothing to do with the idea. The Captain I think, has never been silly in his life, so I'm alone in my humor.

I've had some of the best times in my adult life celebrating Halloween. Costumes have included:
Martha Stewart in Jail  with craft glue gun (before she actually did go to jail)

"It's all about Respect" Trash can costume 2004
 Daytona Beach "It's all about respect" Trash can a political statement exclusive to Daytona Beach, Florida at the time: Mayor thought Black College Reunion could be tamed by simply covering the trash can's with this plastic wrapped message. Note: In the first week, all wraps were stolen and had to be reordered.
Black Cat with patten leather thigh high lace up boots ("Does this tail make me look fat?") Note: Runner friend CJ and I both ran the Tower of Terror 9K last year at Disney in these costumes, sans the thigh high boots. Meow.
Shamu I climbed inside an inflatable Shamu pool toy. DO NOT TRY THIS. Black hot plastic, not so fun.
Pulp Fiction chick complete with needle in chest.
Tanya Harding complete with skating outfit, skates, lead pipe and LOTS of blue eye shadow (Thanks to my friend Sharon for going as my partner: Nancy Kerrigen) This was back when they were in the news.
Zena Princess Warrior (thanks to my friend Tara for going as what's her's side kick)
Jose and the Pussycats...I was Alexandria with black cat and the last Pussycat with 6' guy we dressed in black jumpsuit and leopard bra, panties and black wig. Thanks to friends Tara and Sheila as the rest of the group.
I-HOP waitress (to the Hawaiian Tropic party where everyone ELSE dresses sexy) Thanks to Tara for being Thema with me...or was it Velma?
Charlie's Angels---Farrah. And thanks to Sheila, angel and Markus, our 6 ft German male friend that sported a 70's double knit jump suit and wig for the final angel.

...ah the fun.

Even my dog Turbo loves Halloween!
 So here I am, on Halloween with no one to play with. Bummer. But as normal, I think I'm funnier than anyone else does (especially on this boat) and have enjoyed my Pirate costume. I'm sure I'll be using it again, even when it's not Halloween.

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