Thursday, October 7, 2010


Cape of Good Hope, South Africa---                                                                                               

In the “Simon’s Town Handbook, A Guide To Living in Simon’s Town”...

Baboons in the house:

If baboons gain access to your home it is important to remain calm and not block their exit route. If you panic, the baboons could panic and cause even more damage. (wait...EVEN more damage?)

-Make it obvious that you are confident and serious about getting them out. (what, verses inviting them in for tea?)

_Never try to get food back from a baboon, it will fight to keep it.(well, the same could be said for my teenage nephew.)

-Back off slowly and identify the baboons’ shortest escape route, open doors and window if necessary. Ensure that the baboons are not trapped or cornered. (trapped or cornered? are you kidding. Who wrote this! Isn't that logical? HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR TEETH?!)
-Firmly encourage them out of you house. Spraying with water can help (never use anything stronger than water, as they may react negatively). (ENCOURAGE? ENCOURAGE THEM OUT? Like "okay, you can do this. Your fur looks great today, and you have so many fleas to find and eat from each other. Good job, keep it up." ???) 

Baby getting his fur checked

I swear this guy was flirting with me. But seriously, I've dated worse.

Highway sign.

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Anonymous said...

Turbo would be jealous of you flirting with that baboon!!!