Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sailing to the Canary Islands

Sunrise facing Africa coast
Atlantic Ocean----Our trip from Morocco to the first Canary Island is suppose to take about 5 days or 90 hours. We decided to keep 2 hour watches with 4 hours off. My slot is from 11pm to 1am and 5am to 7am. This allows me to see the sunset and sunrise everyday which I love.


Another Sunrise
Last day: sunrise

Strange Haze over the water is Sahara dust blown in from the African desert!

A bit worn out but getting used to the 4 hours of sleep intervals
We were able to put out both poles and sail down wind with about a 15 knot wind at our backs. It was glorious fun. Then the wind died and we needed to motor for the last day. Total time for passage: 93 hours.

3 Sails up going down wind

Sail, Moon and our Flag

Land! The first Canary Island: Lanzarote

City of Arrecife

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