Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Crew: Mark, the Brit

Gibraltar, UK---Arriving by Planes, trains and automobiles…well, a bus, Mark has joined Juno for the Atlantic passage to Barbados.

It didn’t take long to know he was going to fit in just fine. On a small boat, it’s a sensitive balance.

Mark is 20 and hoping to get into the Royal Navy in which there is a waiting list! In the meantime, he had sailing experience and having three adults for a long passage is a huge relief to me.

On Saturday, we decided to climb the Rock of Gibraltar by way of the “Mediterranean Steps”, a path that nearly circles the rock. And for 1500 feet, we stepped up, walked up, climbed up, then down, crap…why down, now up again. With amazing views from each angle, we stopped along the way to reflect on the beauty before us. Okay, actually, we were really just catching our breath and resting. Oh, yes he’s only 20. I was resting.

Reaching the summit we were greeted by a cool wind. And soon, they were EVERYWHERE…Gibraltar monkey (apes).

A good afternoon of getting to know the new crew and getting “strenuous exercise”. (As the Captain likes to require of his children each day).

I was really sore and will pay the price in the next few days, but thank god the 20-year-old was sore too.

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