Saturday, November 27, 2010

Impressions of the island Brava, Cape Verde Islands

This is one anchorage we had in Brava. We made a big scene as the locals seemed to think we were free entertainment and pulled up boats near us sitting and starring. The boats on shore were very heavy wooden boats that took several men to launch, still they would get up early and fish all day working very, very hard for little. We paid $4 for a huge tuna straight from a boat.

Some spoke English but they turned out to be very friendly. It seemed that everywhere we went, one person would be wearing an Obama t-shirt!

Locals watching us...

I had a great afternoon swimming. It was crystal clear to the bottom. The water temp was about 73...perfect.

This is the anchorage at sunset.

At the tiny village of Faja Aqua, there was NOTHING. So we had to ride in the back of a pick up for about 30-40 minutes to get to a town with  a market and find the internet. The little truck was very fast over bumpy, mountainous terrain. We all hung on tight.

How many people can you fit on a fishing boat?

From our mountain ride to the next village, we stopped to look down at our anchorage in Faja Aqua. JUNO is the boat nearest to the shore...and the huge rock.

This is the island Brava. You can't tell but between the approaching rocks is the entrance to the Faja Aqua bay.

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