Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Enchanted Forest, La Palma

Enchanted Forest, La Palma, Canary Islands---After two days of a heavy roll due to a big swell coming at us from the North, we arrived in La Palma yesterday after 2 days at sea. The boat has not rolled that hard yet on the trip. Both kids and the newbie got sick. I'm lucky to not be prone to seasickness but I do remember my early years as a sailor so I have empathy.  Sleeping between watches meant hearing every thing in the boat shift from side to side accompanied with the crashing noises. My watches went well and I am loving seeing the sun set and the sun rise every day on watch.

Today the Brit and I (who I now call Junior because he is only 20) took a bus for a round trip of 4 Euros, to the "Enchanted Forest". It was a 4 hour hike up about 3000 feet and worth it. The forest is not a rain forest, instead it is a "Humid Forest" recieving air from the Tradewinds that rises and sinks as humidity. This leaves an incredible forest of laurel trees, ferns and varieties of amazing green that a path weaved in and around. At times a last path, other times we ducked the overgrowth and stomped through mud which felt more like bushwacking. But the beauty was amazing and at the top, the view was worth it. Tomorrow, I might feel differently! Here are some photos.

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