Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From Edee's sister - Edee left for Barbados

Hi everyone,
Edee asked that I post.  The Juno left  Bravo, Cape Verde yesterday, November 29 for Barbados.  Crossing will take 16+ days, I calculate that she won't be able to be online until December 13, possibly later. 

The last email I got from her a couple of days ago required a $30 ride to a photo shop with a bad connection - but at least there were no chickens vying for space. 

I have our Mom's "worrying gene" and the thought of her in the middle of the Atlantic in that tiny boat is one that I manage only with much prayer.  Courage is facing fear and that is certainly what Edee is doing. 

 Hopefully the crossing will be boring and she will have nothing to report but that she finished all the reading that she planned to do!


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Crew of the Solstice said...

Ruth and Edee's friends,
You can see where Juno and Edee are on the Juno's Journey website at http://junoatsea.blogspot.com/. The boys have an automatic check-in daily. It looks to us like they're making good progress.
-Shirlee (currently at Las Palmas)