Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 1: Transatlantic passage

Faja Aqua, Brava. Cape Verde Islands---We left in a rush. Huge waves had built through the night and were crashing on the shore of Faja Aqua, the tiny village we had been anchored at for several days.

Our Anchor was set strong, dug deep in a sandy bottom. But our position was close to the beach. To close. The adults had a evening pow wow and decided to wait until morning to leave around noon, giving us one last good night's sleep. Now that morning was here and we could SEE what we had been hearing all night, we decided to leave immediately. With a huge rock behind us there was NO room for error. We had pulled up the anchor hundreds of times but now we were nervous. It had to be perfect. And it was, we pulled free and motored quickly past the breaks.

Unfortunitly, as we headed west, there was no wind. So we continued to motor. A small pod of whales came to examine us. Later we cut the motor and SLOWLY sailed most of the day.
I did a video diary of the trip. Here is day one!
"Hi, this is Edee Dalke on Sailing Yacht Juno, today is November 29, 2010 and it's day one of our transatlantic passage. We're leaving a little bit early because of what you see behind us. The waves have built through the night and we spent a little bit of a restless night being churned in the middle of this frothy, washing-machine-like ocean. So we have 2110 miles to go. Pray for good trade winds!"

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