Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The strange, odd, unusual and bizzare

Many fast food restaurants from America had delivery!

I've been collecting photos of unusual things I've seen during my voyage. I thought it was time to share!

Maxi Taxi Custom Van with Dolphin vinyl motif

Instructions at nudist/nature oceanfront tent village. Spain.

Chubby Version. Seen in window of a clothing store for large men. I wonder if DiVincie would mind? Spain

"Extreme danger of intoxication"
 I've been in some bars that should have this sign. (Bottom of the volcano on Vulcano, Sicily's island)

A 24 hour pharmacy vending machine. Sardinia, Italy's island.

Now THIS is a dinghy! (seen on a promotion board in Sicily)

Scobby Doo ride in street carnival. Sardinia.

Cross Street pulling girl as fast as you can

Pepsi cans wrapped tops
Street Entertainer

Street Entertainer

Street entertainer.

Morocco, Africa...Sheep bill board with Muslum women

Weatherman in the Caribbean does the weather in Hawaiian shirt and is a really bad vantrilliquist using a Parrot to make comments.

Thong vending machine in Mykonos, Greece.

Roman Nose

Doggie trailer

Mercedes. Italy.

Black sheep for real.
French fries inside a gyro is common in Greece

South Africa

Recycle organic matter: banana peel anyone?  Mallorca

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Jim said...

Love the pictures. You have a knack.