Monday, February 14, 2011

Dive Montserrat with Green Monkeys

Troy and Melody with the OceansWatch crew at the Green Monkey Dive Shop and Bar!

Montserrat---It had been 10 years since I went scuba diving. I didn't know it had been that long, and I can't answer why, but the owner of the Green Monkey Dive Shop in Montserrat was the perfect person to give me a refresher.

Troy Deppermann and his wife Melody have lived in Montserrat for eight years. Their story of growing up in the mid-west USA, following a dream to Montserrat, getting there after their boat sank and the rescued equiptment was loaded on another boat...that sank, starting a business and surviving sounds like a novel, or and action adventure drama/comedy movie all in one. The OceansWatch team made his Dive Shop and Bar (oh yes! what a combination...) home base for the projects we were doing while we were there. They were the perfect hosts and had great internet connection and electricity!

 Jake from our team had never tried Scuba, so he did the discover diving course and we all packed up and went to enjoy a shallow dive right off the dock area. Jake will never be the same as he is a changed man and snorkeling will not be enough from now on.

I had forgotten the magic of it all. Since we talk so much about coral protection and the organizations Reef Check and Coral Watch, it was great to go down and take a look for ourselves.


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