Friday, February 11, 2011

In the company of Billionaires

Find OceansWatch's boat! (white boat next to blue on far right of photo)
Antiqua, West Indies---I walked in the best Marina office with a goal in mind. A donation of free dockage for 2 days. Becky and I had been taking turns requesting free dockage. It was my turn. The last time I asked and playful marina owner made me a deal to sing at sing-along night in exchange for a free night. This time, anything could happen.

But THIS is Antiqua, playground of the rich and famous. So when I walked in the office, I dressed up and address the women at the front desk as seriously as if she was the owner...a technique you learn in sales. I explained our mission and appealed to her, then silence. Patience waiting for them to talk first.

Turned out SHE WAS THE MANAGER!  And yes, we could come but not advertise which marina did all non-profits don't flock to them.

When we moved the boat, we suddenly realized where we were going. Smack dab in the middle of the 200 feet+ super sailing yachts. INCLUDING THE MALTESE FALCON, one of the most famous boats in the world.

Our "tiny" 50 foot boat was slipped between these mansions. Captain Andy did a brilliant job backing stern to with an anchor dropped a few hundred feet before the dock to lock us into a slim area that fit just us.  The yacht next to us had fenders as big as me and as we pulled in the crew looked down on us back the three of us "deckhands" did not embarrass ourselves (for once) and did a great job line handling.

Then there we sat. In the company of Billionaires. Tall ships with massive masks. One has the largest mast in the world and their insurance will not allow them to put the sail 100% up! So they can never go full sail!

At night, red lights topped the masts as flight regulations require masts that high to light up this way. A beautiful night scene and little OceansWatch's boat was snugged right there. Living large.

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