Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday shopping In Panama City, Panama

My Mom’s maiden name is Funk. So when I found the store, Funky Fish, I had to stop. My sister and cousin had sent some gift money and I was at the largest mall I have ever seen in my life. Located in Panama City, the Albrook Mall was the past location of the US Air Force base in Panama. One part of the mall complex is a bus terminal that receives routes from all over Panama giving them dedicated bus routes from Colon and other cities to the mall. And it's still growing; construction on another wing was underway.

I got lost twice trying to meet back up with a crew member! Seriously lost.

But some time away from the marina was a blast, a little shopping spree with the combined gifts of Sister Ruth, Cousin Janice and friend Lorry. The prices in Panama are amazing at most stores. When all gifts were exhausted, I owned Funk wear: hat and computer stretch bag as well as a department store’s jean skirt, long shorts, top, cool undies, foot pads for high heels that I didn’t know existed (so cool) and several local tokens from Panama.

Confession: The mall had two huge food courts and I could not resist my favorite fast food that I have been deprived of for a year. TACO BELL. I was in heaven. Shopping AND Taco Bell.

With the wonder of FaceBook and email I was floored to have over 80 birthday wishes…it was amazing. I feel humbled. I know I am hundreds of miles away, but I had one of the best birthday’s ever. Thanks to so many.

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